Somerville Addiction Therapy

Thriveworks Somerville Addiction Therapy

Everyone around you tells you that you need to get some help.  They worry about the consequences of your addiction – bankruptcy, isolation, even death.  You appreciate that people love you and care about you, and you wish you could snap your fingers and conquer your addiction, but it’s just not that simple.

Stop trying to do this on your own.  We can help.

Thriveworks Somerville Addiction Therapy is helping our friends and neighbors in the Somerville, MA area conquer their addictions every day.  Call us today and let us help you on your way to recovery.

You can begin to truly live again.  We believe in you.

Addictions are powerful.  They can make you disregard your health and the feelings of the people you love most.

Addictions are powerful – but they aren’t invincible.

Our therapists at Thriveworks Somerville can help you free yourself from your addiction and create a brand new life for yourself that doesn’t revolve around getting a fix.  Together, you and your therapist will make powerful, life-changing discoveries about you.  What triggers your addiction?  How can you cope when you feel the urge to give in to your addiction? Are there any toxic relationships in your life that might be hindering your recovery process?  Your honest answers to these questions can change your life.

Let’s begin  your recovery process today.

Call us at 617-395-5806 and make your first appointment.  You can see one of our caring, qualified therapists within 72 hours, possibly even the same day you call.

Our facility is an outpatient facility.  Depending on your treatment needs, you may need to receive care at an inpatient facility.  Call us anyway.  We can help you find a place that’s right for you.

You’ve been tied to your addiction for far too long now.  You deserve better than this.  Call us today and let’s start remembering how good life can really be.


Your Friends at Thriveworks Somerville Addiction Therapy

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